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JOHN PICKERING of Crowton – 1693-1749

The Pickering Puzzle begins …

Multiple men named John, multiple marriages, similar locations and years of birth, and lack of complete records, make this part of the ancestor puzzle a real challenge. Below, I have noted an outline of roughly who I think my ancestors might have been.

Beginning with John Pickering and Mary Manwaring, and their twin children: John and Elizabeth (b: 1744), I am firmly confident I have our lineage correct. So, I move forward from there with good information. Now, I am focusing on moving backwards and trying to sort out this John’s parentage.

Please do no take the below information as confirmed – yet.

Norley street scene. Note sign to Crowton, 3 miles away. Photo: C. Stover, 2011.

The registers of St. Mary’s Church, Weaverham, date from 1576, the earliest entry being the baptism of Roger Woodward. The Churchwardens’ accounts date from 1630. Photo by: C. Stover, 2011.

Crowton. Sandstone Tudor style Dwelling dated1688 on gable.

Research Notes …

John Pickering the Elder of Norley

b: 02 Jan 1717, Frodsham Parish
m: 08 May 1743, St. Mary Church, Weaverham
d: 12 Feb 1790 (age 79)
b: St. Mary and All Saints Churchyard
probate: 21 Apr 1790, Frodsham by Ellen Pickering and John Minshall

Married: Elizabeth Rowles (1724-1824)
Married: Mary (Manwaring?) – 08 May 1743, St. Mary Church, Weaverham
Married: Sarah

John the Elder of Norley: Will transcription
Will lists Wife as: Ellen
Will lists Children as: John Pickering, Sarah Elizabeth (married John Minshall), and Mary Pickering

St. Mary Church, Weaverham, Grave Inscription (would have been born in 1712):
Here lie the remains of JOHN PICKERING late of Norley who died 12 February 1790 aged 68 years. Also ELIZABETH second wife of JOHN PICKERING who departed this life 10 January 1803 aged 79 years.

Elisabeth Pickering, 17 Nov 1728
Father: John Pickering of Weaverham / Mother: Mary of Weaverham

Samuel Pickering, 30 Nov 1734
John Pickering of Weaverham / Mother: Mary of Weaverham

Martha Pickering, 06 Mar 1736
Father: John Pickering of Weaverham / Mother: Mary of Weaverham

Sarah Pickering, 01 Apr 1770, St Mary’s
Father: John Pickering of Crowton / Mother: Elizabeth

William Pickering, 27 Jun 1779, St. Mary’s
Father: John Pickering / Mother: Elizabeth


Confirmed Ancestors

John (Joannos) Pickering of Crowton

b: 14 Nov 1693, of Crowton
c: 27 Nov 1693, Weaverham
m: 08 May 1743, St. Mary Church, Weaverham (both of Weaverham) [IGI]
d: 31 Mar 1749 (age 56)

+ Mary Manwaring

c: 10 Nov 1716, Gorstedge, Weaverham (IGI)
Father: Thomas Manwaring of Gorstedge
Mother: Martha Hine
Spouse: John Pickering
Grandfather: Peter Manwaring

Twin children of John Pickering of Crowton and Mary

……. c: 12 May 1744, St Mary, Weaverham
                    [twin to John]
……. d: 4 Nov 1759, Weaverham [possible]

John Pickering
……. b: 07 May 1744 Bradley
                  [twin to Elizabeth]
……. d: 4 May 1814, Frodsham
Mary Harrison, Bradley