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I must, first and foremost, thank my husband Bob Stover for understanding my dream to visit our family’s ancestral villages in Cheshire, England and to soak in, first-hand, the atmosphere of my ancestors. Bob and my business partner, Bingxin Zhao, carved out the time to allow me the space in my head and the time on my calendar to travel to England.

In April of 2011, I traveled to Chester and through Frodsham, Helsby, Crowton, Weaverham, and Thelwall, among many other small villages in England. I accidentally (?) bumped into two worship services in the churches my family prayed in over 200 years ago. I spent many days in Chester at the Cheshire Studies and fulfilled a lifetime passion to walk the streets, and visit the graves, and breathe the air of my ancestors.

There is one person that I have bumped into time and time again throughout my research and that is William Wallworth through Every time I do serious research I recognize the huge amount of work he has done on the Pickering family, and I have firmly believed we were connected, but I could never quite figure it out. The names and places were so close I just knew we were on the same trail. I believe I have finally made that connection (through John Pickering of Gorstage, died 1688) and I can’t wait to share with him my “discovery” and I hope my hunches prove true. Thank you William for always leading me to new clues and make me endlessly re-check my facts.

However, if I didn’t receive the amazing contributions of cousins and researchers from around the world this would be a much poorer story. In particular, a 5th cousin, Andreas Schulz who has created a wonderful website tracing the origins of his ancestor, Peter Pickering.

The great deal of my research came from personally visiting graves and churches, digging through libraries, researching non-copyrighted books through GoogleBooks, spending a week at the amazing Family History library at Salt Lake City, Utah, reading diaries, written lore, old maps, internet research through and, and so much more. But I could never have done this without the help of so many “found” cousins!

To everyone who has contributed to this website, please accept this page of acknowledgements as a token of my heartfelt thanks for being so generous in sharing your personal stories.

Peter E. Swift“The Port of Frodsham” A dissertation, which Peter has so generously shared with me, submitted for his Post-Graduate Degree of Master of Arts in the University of Liverpool as part fulfillment of the modular programme in Landscape, Heritage and Society. 28 September 2006

David Eckersly-Maslinphotos and stories of the descendants of Edith Paulina Pickering Myers
Janet Leece, practically single-handedly provided research for the Walker-Lightfoot families
Paddy Moreton

Ken Pickering
Lynn Harter
Pam and Tim Kirbydescendant of Samuel Pickering
George Dawsonphotos of present-day St. George’s Mount
Valerie Dear, Ruskington, Lincolnshire, Pickering/Meyers photo album
Mike Tate, resident of current-day Montebello gate keepers house

Ina Friling, Turkey,descendant of Peter Pickering,
Alfhard Kowallek, (deceased) Berlin, Journal of Peter Pickering and descendant of Peter Pickering
Andreas Schultzdescendant of Peter Pickering,

Leonid Bogorodsky, Kazan, Russia, Descendant of Peter Pickering,

Catherine Isobel Thompson Clarke, Whangarei, NJ, descendant of Edith Paulina Pickering Myers

Cyril Charles Pickering, Paddington Brisbane, descendant of Eugene Haynes Pickering
Erla Angel, descendant of a William Pickering — we’ve been trying to find our connection for over 10 years.
Steven Newman, provided information on the descendants of Fred Lightfoot-Walker


Louisa Pickering (deceased), PA. She started this journey for me in 1970She was the daughter of Alexander John Pickering
Corene Say Wilson and Jim Wilson, Athens, GA, descendant of Charles William Pickering
William Wallworth [root-Quest@Deadfamilies.comfor the moment, no known relation
Carolyn German Bausinger, Blackwood, NJ, descendant of Alexander German of Newtown, PA
Kathie Kirkpatrick, descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte German (through Curtis / Walker / Shotton)
Anne Louise Pickering Turner, FL, descendant of Alexander John Pickering
Robert “Skip” Pickering, Manhattan, KS, descendant of Charles William Pickering
Jeffery Tozier, Angels Camp, CA, descendant of Charles William Pickering
Betty Lou Hilton Brett, Cincinnati, OH, descendant of Alexander John Pickering
Carol Papera, FL, descendant of Alexander John Pickering
Frances Tozier Greiner, Salina, KS, descendant of Henry Alfred Pickering

Alane Beyer, Edmonton Alberta Canada, for the moment, no known relation – but we’re close!

Internet Resources
Denbigh: Archaeology of a Civil War Blockade Runner
Cheshire Tithe Maps
Cheshire Archives and Local Studies
The National Archives UK
History of Wallasey

Thank you all,
Constance Pickering Stover, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA