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Frodsham Parish Marriages: 1655-1870







St. Hiliary Church, Frodsham

St. Mary’s Church, Weaverham

St. Laurence, Frodsham Parish – MARRIAGES

Year Date Pickering Name Married Notes Witnesses
1559 12-May Tho. Pickeren Ann Dodd
1587 27-Aug Tho. Pickren Elnor Ithell
1655 7-Jan Elizabetha Gulielmus Thomasson
1668 8-Jun Anna Thomas Richarde
1676 10-Jul Thomas Margaret Wild Both: of Frodsham
1692 16-Feb Elizabeth Edward Barrow, Yeoman Both: of Frodsham
1695 23-Sep Thomas Mary Broadhurst Both: of Frodsham
1695 11-Feb Jonathan Anne Halewell Both: of Frodsham
1698 17-Apr Isaac Ann Cumes [Crinis] Both: of Frodsham
1705 4-Jun Eliz John Mannering
1709 9-Feb Anne Richd Weston
1711 16-Oct Bernard Margarett Mercer Both: of Norley
1720 9-Jan Alice Thomas Morton Groom: of Frodsham, Bride: of Runcorn James Pickering
1723 8-Jan Ann Jos. Beavan
1738 27-Jun Mary Tho Hinde Both: of Frodsham
1752 22-Sep Thomas Catherine Shalcross Groom: Crowton, Bride: Weaverham
1755 7-May William Ann Blimstone Both: of Frodsham
1757 25-Aug John, Widow, Yeoman (g:1707) Mary Atherton (b: 1727) Intended, Both: of Helsby George Harrison, Curate
1760 16-Oct Peter Mary Stonystreet Both: of Frodsham
1760 15-Sep Elizabeth John Burkell
1761 14-Oct Sarah John Minshal Both: of Frodsham
1763 5-Nov Elizabeth, (b: 1738) William Gibson, w (b: 1723) Both: of Norley
1763 4-Dec Mary, (b: 1735) Thomas Robinson Groom: of Stoke, Bride: of Frodsham
1766 13-Jun Mary John Didsbury Groom: of Tarvin, Bride: of Frodsham
1765 13-Apr Margaret John Berenton Both: of Frodsham
1770 1-Dec Elizabeth Jonathan Heys Both: of Frodsham
1770 8-Jan Alice (21), Halton Thomas Morton [Norton] (21)
1770 2-May Bernard Hannah Pickering Both: of Frodsham
1773 9-Feb Peter Sarah Lee Groom: of Frodsham, Bride: of Runcorn
1775 14-Jan John, (b: 1755), Farmer, Single, Father: John Mary Gibson (b: 1753) Groom: of Norley, Bride: of Crowton John Minshall & W. Gibson
1778 24-Feb Mary, (b: 1757) Joseph Yarwood (b: 1756) Both: of Frodsham
1779 15-Sep Elizabeth s. (b: 1758) Thomas Houghton (b: 1759) Both: of Worley, Frodsham Father: William Houghton
1781 25-Sep Joseph (b: 1759), Taylor Elizabeth Siddall Groom: of Overton
1782 26-Feb ? Elizabeth .. aden
1785 16-Dec Sameul, Farmer (b: 1755) Martha Broom, Widow (b: 1756) Groom: of Norley, Bride: of Frodsham Robert Morton & James Frodsham
1785 19-May Mary James Cooper Bride: of Frodsham
1786 16-Dec Samued (bach) Martha Broom (wid.)
1787 23-Apr Esther James Brook Groom: of Weaverham, Bride: of Frodsham John Aston & Bernard Farrall
1794 31-Jan Thomas (b: 1773) Cornfactor Margaret Horrabin Groom: of Sutton, Bride: of Frodsham
1794 12-Oct Samuel Alice Rigby Bride: of Frodsham, Groom: of Runcorn
1796 16-Apr John (b: 1774), Miller Hannah Farrall (b: 1775) Groom: Sutton, Runcorn, Bride: of Frodsham
1798 23-Sep Christiana Peter Eaton
1802 25-Feb Joseph Anne Hayes Both: of Frodsham Peter Rigby & William Hayes
1803 21-Mar Nancy Samuel Spruce Both: of Frodsham
1807 10-Mar William Sarah Worthington Groom: of Liverpool, Bride: of Frodsham
1810 31-Dec Thomas Catherine France Both: of Frodsham
1814 27-Dec James, Farmer Margaret Pickering (b: 1778) Both: of Norley
1821 19-Feb Elizabth (b: 1790) William Smith (b: 1778) Groom: of Weaverham Bride: of Norley
1830 30-Sep John, Farmer Hannah Jones Groom: of Eastham, Diocese of Chester Richard Pickering
1831 27-Sep William Ann Thompson Groom: of Crowton, Bride: of Norley
Text in the margins: “I hereby certify that the marriage between the parties mentioned opposite was not legal as Pickering was not the man’s real name. His name being Dritton the … were therefore married 20th Dec. following. (?) Curate:
1831 24-Nov William Elizabeth Howard Both: of Frodsham
1833 16-Sep Mary Ann William Sharps Both: of Frodsham
1833 12-Dec Eleanor William Horrobin Morgan Groom: Cardigan in the County of Cardigan Lydia Pickering, Carolina Pickering
1836 16-Feb Ruth Samuel Duncalf Both: of Frodsham
1838 21-Feb Margaret – Father: James, Laborer, Father: Thomas John Mercer, Schoolmaster, Widow Both: of Norley Father: James, Laborer
1839 27-May Lydia Father: Thomas Pickering, Merchant John TaylorChemist & Druggist Groom: of Runcorn, Bride: of Frodsham Father: John Taylor, Builder
1841 19-Jan John Rigby, (b: 1820) Corn Dealer Ellen Ashley Both: of Frodsham
1853 24-Feb Margaret (b: 1827) Father: Thomas (Deceased) Henry Wright (b: 1825), Bachelor, Farmer Both: of Overton Father: James, Laborer
1854 8-May Elizabeth (b:1820), Father: James, Farmer James Done (b: 1799), Farmer. Father: James, Farmer Both: of Norley Thomas Pickering & Martha Pickering
1862 22-Sep Margaret Ann (b. 1860) Father: Samuel, Farmer Harry Marshall Frear (b: 1862) Analytical Chemist Groom: of London, Bride: of Kingsley
1870 28-Feb William (b: 1841) Farmer, Father: John Elizabeth Done Widow, Father: James Pickering Both: of Norley Thomas Pickering


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  • While searching for the name “Pickerne” I noticed that name only appears in Cheshire County from the early records of 1571-1657.
  • I have recorded the spellings of the names exactly as I found them in the original records. These spellings are assumed by most researchers to be a derivative of the name Pickering.