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Henry Alfred Pickering 1847-1940

Henry did a large export business on credit from his fathers’s banking firm (John Henry Schroder & Co.). This venture ended in October 1871, with the “Great Chicago Fire”, where he lost a fortune in grain that was waiting shipment on the wharfs.

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Henry Alfred Pickering

…… b: 20 Mar 1847, Liscard, England
…… c: 9 Aug 1847, St John’s Church, Liscard
…… lived: Bonn, Germany
…… lived: Salina, Kansas, US
…… o: Cotton Broker (England)
…… m: 22 June 1867, St. Mary’s Church, Edge Hill, Liverpool, Eng.
…… d: 27 Aug 1940, Salina, Kansas (age 93) [OBIT]
…… b: Highland Cemetery, Junction City , KS

+ Frances Rosamund Martin

…… b: 11 Oct 1844, Brookthrop, Gloucestershire, England / Haresfield
…… d: 10 Nov 1888, Junction City, KS
…… b: Highland Cemetery, Junction City, KS
                father: Samuel Martin



Transatlantic Cable and Pickering Family
and Henry Alfred Pickering newspaper stories



1847 – Liverpool, England (born)
1858 – School: Distor Brensngh Bosson, GER
1861 – Went to school at King Edwards VI School Birmingham
1862 – apprentice: Lamport & Holts Steamship Office (5 yrs)
1867 – September – sailed to Rio Janerio, Brazil
1868 – Returned to England, Married Frances Martin, Liverpool, Eng
…………. Son Alfred B. Pickering born/died – buried St. Hillary Churchyard, Wallasey
…………. July – Sailed for New Orleans, USA
1869 – March – returned to England; entered brother Eugene’s office of Pierce & Pickering, Rumford, Liverpool
…………. June – sailed with wife to New York; entered W.H. Newman’s office as corresponding clerk, rented house at Orange Junction, NJ (North East Orange)
1870 – Lived: East Orange, Essex NJ, USA (age 23) Commission Merchant
…………. Son, Henry Victor Buckingham born in East Orange, NJ
1872 – Daughter, Frances Elizabeth Maude born in East Orange, NJ
…………. Returned to England with family; entered into Chambers Holder Co., Cotton Broker
1873 – Son Edgar Dawson born, Birkenhead
1875 – Joined Eskrigge Pooley’s Co., Cotton Broker, Manchester, England
1877 – Dissolved partnership with above and joined Richard Hobson & Co. Cotton Broker in Liverpool.
…………. Moved family to Oxton Cheshire, Eng
…………. Twin daughters born: Eleanor and Rosamund
1884 – Family emigrated to US – settled in Junction City, Kansas
1888 – Wife died
1914 – Moved to Salina, KS with daughter Frances Maude
1920 – Salina, KS (age 72) living with daughter, Francis Tozier, husband David & granddaughter Francis (age 2)
1940 – Died, Salina KS (age 93)


Children of Henry Alfred Pickering & Frances Martin
Note: Three brothers: Charles William Tozier, George Golden Tozier, and David W. Tozier married three Pickering sisters!

Alfred B. Pickering
…. b: 9 Feb 1868
…. d: 5 Dec 1868 St. Hillary Churchyard, Wallasey (died infant)

Henry Victor Buckingham Pickering
…. b: 25 Apr 1869 East Orange, (Orange Junction) Essex, NJ
…. m: 1893
…. lived: 1 Apr 1940, Junction City, Geary, KS
…. occupation: Tent and Awning maker in Junction City, KS
…. religion: Presbyterian Church, Junction City KS
…. d: 1961 KS
…. b: Highland Cemetery, Junction City KS
+ Maude E. Kennedy b: Jan 1869 d: 20 Feb 1946 (age 77 yrs)
……… Henry Walter Pickering b: 1894
……… Isola Rosemond Pickering b: Jun 1896 d: 30 Jan 1898 (1.7 yrs)
……… Hugh Sherlock Pickering b: 1902 d: 1954 + Lucile Chase
…………….. Hugh Sherlock Pickering, Jr. [1930]
……… Maude A Pickering b: 1904 (adopted)
……… Genevieve K Pickering b: 1908 + William Holman / Son Holman
……… Rosamund Pickering

Frances Elizabeth Maude Pickering 
…. b: 29 Jan 1872 Orange Junction, NJ
…. m: 16 Mar 1911 Salina KS
…. d: 20 Nov 1951 St. John Hosp, Salina KS
…. b: Gypsum Hill Cemetery, Salina, KS (Episcopal)
+ David W. Tozier b: 5 Mar 1874 Junction City KS d:16 Aug 1932
…. Death Place: “4 miles this side of Beloit KS”
…. Military Service: Spanish American War Veteran
……… David James Tozier b: 1874 d: 1932 (adopted)
……… Bessie Frances Tozier b: 07 Jul 1913 Salina, KS d: 1954 (adopted)
……… Frances Jessie Tozier b: 16 Jun 1917 Kansas City, MO (adopted)
………… + Harold Dale Porter [1939]
……………….2 Daughters Porter
……………….1 Son Greiner

Note: Compiled by Frances J. Tozier, Porter Greiner Dec 19 1977

Edgar Dawson Pickering
…. b: 19 Oct 1873 Birkenhead, Cheshire, Magazines, New Brighton, Eng
…. lived: Oxton, England and Junction City KS
…. occupation: Tinsmith
…. d: 2 June 1959 Junction City, KS
…….. notes: He was a naturalized citizen as of 1900, Second Street, Geary Co, Junction City KS
+ Josephine R. b; 15 Dec 1878 KS
……… Paul Pickering (adopted)
……… Myrtle Eva Pickering b: 06 Jun 1897 Kansas

Florence Pickering
…. b: 26 Jul 1875 Eccles, Manchester, Eng
…. lived: According to the 1881 Census of Oxton, Eng
…………at the age of 5 Florence was living with her father
+ George Golden Tozier
……… Clifford Tozier [1906]

Eleanor Vera Pickering
…. b: Sept 27 1877 Lancashire, Eng [TWIN to Rosamund]
…. emigrated: 1884
…. d: 1927
….b: Highland Cemetery, Junction City, KS in Pickering plot
….lived: 1900 Junction City, Geary, KS
+ Lucien Arnold CHASE b:1878 d:1953
……… Vera Chase + Ernest K. Morgan / Daughter MORGAN
……… Lucille Chase + Dr. Hugh D. Palmer / Daughter Palmer
……… Ronald Chase b: 29 Jan 1906 d: 1977 + Ruth Deborah Reinhardt

Rosamund Pickering
…. b: 27 Dec 1877 Eccles, Lancashire, Eng [TWIN to Eleanor]
…. m: 1 Jan 1903
…. d: 29 Sept 1966 San Francisco, CA
+ Charles William Tozier b: 27 May 1878 d: 30 Apr 1940 San Francisco, CA
…. (Veteran: Sgt Col 20 Regt, Kan Inf)
……… Rosamund Wilma Tozier b: 27 Apr 1903 (Never Married)
……… Ronald Tozier b: 29 Jul 1906 d: 1977
……… Ruth Deborah Reinhardt m: 28 Jun 1935 CA
………… 3 Sons and 1 Daughter Tozier

Francis Jennor Pickering
…. b: 19 Nov 1879 Blissorts, Oxton, Cheshire, Eng
…. d: 7 Dec 1967
…. lived: Oxton, England and Junction City KA
+ Mable Clara Young [Junction City, KA]
……… Rolland Marrion Pickering [1905] + Clair Lantz
…………1 Son and 1 Daughter Pickering
……… Mabel Frances Pickering [1907] + John Reynolds
……….. 1 Son Reynolds

Eva (Kitty) Dorthea Pickering
…. b: 24 Dec 1881 The Willows, Oxton, Eng
…. lived: Junction City KS
+ Oscar E. Schlatter
……… Dale Schlatter
……… Earl Godfrey Schlatter + Gladys ?
……… Eva Kay Schlatter [1913]
……… Lavern Ann Schlatter [1915] + Captain Nicholi (NICK)

Obituary for Henry Victor Buckingham Pickering

written by his daughter

“Born: Orange Junction (now East Orange), NJ, April 8, 1870. Made his home in St. Louis with his son and daughter-in-law, Dr. and Mrs. Hugh S. Pickering, since Mrs. Pickering passed away. The second son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Pickering; his parents came to the US from Liverpool, England, in 1869; returned to England in 1872; came back to the states in 1884, making their home in Junction City. Mr. Pickering was in the tent and awning business in Junction City for over 65 years. Surviving: Son Hugh S. Pickering, Sr (Dr); Daughter Mrs. William [Genevieve?] Holman, Little Rock, AK; Daughter Mrs. Joe [Maude] Scherlie, Elma, Washington; Grandson Hugh S. Pickering, Jr; Grandson William Holman; Sister Mrs. C. W. Tozier, San Francisco; Brother Frank, Junction City, KS [Apparently, these people were all living at the time of HVB’s death in 1961]

Wife (deceased) Maude Kennedy, died 1944 (?) Brothers (deceased): Alfred and Edgar; Sisters (deceased): Florence (Mrs. George Tozier, Kansas City, MO); Maude (Mrs. David Tozier, Salina, Ks); Vera (Mrs. Lute Chase, Zeandale [no state]), also says this one is “twin of Mrs. C. W. Tozier, SF”; Eva (Mrs. Oscar Schlatter, Junction City, KS). Deceased children Henry killed in WWI in France; Jack (no information); Rosamond, died in childhood.”

Kathy also writes: “I also found lots of pictures of HVB at a family reunion for his birthday, with Genevieve and Bill Holman, and Maude Scherlie, possibly with her husband, Joe. Of course, MY side of the family is all there, too.”

Henry Alfred Pickering [1847-1940]

Henry Alfred Pickering

Henry Alfred Pickering

was born March 20, 1847, near Liverpool, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles William Harrison Pickering. He was only a small boy when he met Cyrus Field, who had journeyed to England to raise funds for his gigantic Transatlantic cable project.

As a boy, Henry Alfred’s family lived in Bonn, Germany for two years (1858-1860) and he went to school at Doster Brensngh Bosson, Germany from age 11 to 13. After returning to England in 1860, he finished school at King Edwards VI school in Birmingham at the age of 15. He then went to work for Lamport & Holts steamship office and served a five year apprenticeship. He married at the age of 20 to Frances Martin. Three months later he was sent to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil for seven months. While he was in Rio their first son, Alfred was born. Three months after returning to England he was sent to New Orleans where he stayed for eight months when his son of 10 months died. After again returning to England the couple sailed for New York in June, 1869. There he took a job at another company and lived in Orange Junction, New Jersey (later changed to East Orange).

In 1870 he changed companies again to Leager & Company where he did a large export business on credit from his fathers’s banking firm (John Henry Schroder & Co.). This venture ended with the “Great Chicago Fire”, where he lost a fortune in grain that was waiting shipment on the warfs. The family returned to England in 1872. They returned to the United States permanently in 1884 when they moved to Junction City, Kansas. The family moved to Salina, Kansas in 1914.

Their son, Harry, and daughter, Maude, were born in New Jersey. All of the other children were born in England including Rosamond Pickering and her twin sister Vera.


Frances Martin Pickering
wife of Henry Alfred Pickering [1844-1888]

Sisters: Rosamund Pickering Tozier (right)
and Eva Dorthea “Kitty” Pickering Schlatter
Daughters of Henry Alfred Pickering.

Eva “Kitty” Dorthea Pickering
daughter of Henry Alfred Pickering.

Charles William Tozier
and Rosamund Pickering
Wedding photo, Jan 1 1903.

Frances E. Maude Pickering Tozier
daughter of Henry Alfred Pickering.
Age 70 [1872-1951]

Henry Victor Buckingham Pickering
son of Henry Alfred Pickering.

Henry Victor Buckingham was 91 years old when he was killed in an auto accident. He was going to visit his son Hugh Sherlock Pickering, Sr. in the hospital when he got off a bus, dropped his cane, bent to pick it up and was hit by a passing car. His Great Granddaughter, Katherine Lucille Pickering Engelhardt remembers him as a “very small man with white hair.” She also remembers that he never sat in a chair with a back on it except for his meals and only sat on a paino bench in a “ramrod straight back” position.

I would like to thank the descendants of Henry Alfred for sharing their invaluable stories and for providing much of the personal history and family information you see below. Most especially, I would like to thank Frances Tozier Greiner of Salina, KS for her lovingly recorded memories of her Grandfather.

Photos courtesy of Jeff Tozier of Pleasanton, CA. Photos of Henry Alfred in later years were provided by Cathy Clarke, N.Z. and David Eckersley-Maslin, U.K.


Name Rel Age Birth Year Status Occupation Born
Charles W H Pickering Head 35 1815 Mar General Merchant Liverpool
Elizabeth Pickering Wife 31 1819 Mar Chester
Henry Alfred Son 4 1847 Un Scholar Liscard

1861 Census: St Georges Mount [Partial List]

Henry Alfred Son 14 1847 Un Scholar Liscard

1881 Census: Oxton, Cheshire

Name Rel Age Birth Year Status Occupation Born
Henry A Pickering Head 35 1847 Mar Cotton Broker Liscard
Frances Wife 31 Mar Haresfield, GLS
Edgar D. Pickering Son 7 Un Scholar New Brighton
Florence Pickering Dau 5 Eccles, Lanc.
Rosamund Pickering Dau 3 Twin Eccles, Lanc.
Vera Pickering Dau 3 Twin Eccles, Lanc.
Frances Jennor Pickering Son 1 Oxton, Chesh.