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Pickering de Walford and Thelwall

“The Pickering family, who were next in possession of the manor of Thelwall, were of a very ancient descent in the county of Chester, and appear to have been, from time immemorial, landed proprietors in the palatinate.”

— The Topographer and Genealogist, John Gough Nichols, 1846
Chronicles of Thelwall, Co. Chester, pp379-468

Note from Connie Pickering Stover, website author:

After many years of research I still cannot come to the positive conclusiion that Robert de Walford and his descendants are part of our Pickering tree. However, Robert Pickering of Thelwall was christened in Daresbury where Pickering names have been recorded since 1357. So a reasonable conclusion could be that my Pickering ancestors are (perhaps distantly) connected to Robert de Walford. In the 1300’s other Pickerings could be found in Runcorn, Budworth, and Norton. My direct-line of ancestors, as far back at the 1600’s, have purchased land and raised their families in Great Budworth and Runcorn parishes — all located about 10 miles from Daresbury.

I am convinced, by the evidence of time, place, and circumstances, that there is definitely a connection! I will continue to research and update this page when new information is available.

Pickering de Walford

Robert of Thelwall shield

Robert of Thelwall shield

The pedigree at the Herald’s College lists “Pickering de Walford” which was the name of the estate within the chapelry of Daresbury. Pickering de Walford, b. Circa 1545; married Alice Mathew, only daughter of William Mathew, gent., and dying in 1602 left issue.

SHIELD: Erm. A lion ramp. Az crowned or within a bordure of the second charged with eight plates PICKERING, Wallford, co. Chester
CREST: Pickering, [Wallford, Ches.] A lion’s gamb, erect and erased, az. Enfiled with a ducal cornet or.

This is the shield of Robert Pickering (d. 1602) grandfather to Robert Pickering, purchaser of Thelwall. [READ MORE]

1662 – Pickering of Thelwall

During the early medieval period, the manor of Thelwall was in the hands of the Thelwall family, from whom it passed in the 14th century to the Claytons, who held it until the 1560s. It was then sold first to the Brooks family of Norton, and was subsequently purchased by John Moores, a doctor. The nephew of John Moores sold the manor to Robert Pickering, a lawyer, in 1662, and it remained in the Pickering family until 1837. [Source: (6)]

“The Pickering family, who were next in the possession of the manor of Thelwall, were of a very ancient descent in the county of Chester, and appear to have been, from time immormial, landed proprietors in the palatinate. In the reign of Queen Elizabeth [1558-1603] they were settled at Walford, in the parish of Runcron, which had long been the seat of their ancestors, and the names of the members of the family for successive generations will be found in the early registers of Daresbury.”

“Walk along Weaste Lane until you see a stile and a footpath sign on the left. It is opposite an attractive white house fronted by a high beech hedge. Follow the tractor track across the field which eventually becomes a single file path and takes you over the Bridgewater Canal. This is Pickering Bridge and is named after a family who came to the area in 1662.”

Pickering Inn, Thelwall
top photo by C.P. Stover, 2011

Robert de Walford, Esq, of Runcorn [1545-1602]
m. Alice Mathew, only daughter of William Mathew, gent.
[left issue: two sons – John(1) and Robert(2)]

robert pickering descendants

1. JOHN (Johanis) PICKERING, Esq. [1595-1661] m. MARGARET HARRISON

Succeeded his father, Robert at Walford
b. abt. 1595; d. 17 Aug 1661, Daresbury [age 66]
m. MARGARET HARRISON, bur. 5 Oct 1654, daughter of Thomas Harrison of Acton Grange, Esq.

Nine Children of John Pickering & Margaret Harrison

….. 1.1 ROBERT Pickering, Esq., b. 30 May 1619 m. MARTHA LEY
….. 1.2 JOHN Pickering, b. 19 Mar 1620 m. MARGARET
….. 1.3 THOMAS Pickering, b. 1622 m. MARY GERARD
….. 1.4 PETER Pickering, b. 10 Jun 1623 m. [unknown], mercer of London
….. 1.5 CATHERINE Pickering, b. 28 Cay 1626 m. THOMAS CHESSHYRE, ESQ
….. 1.6 WILLIAM Pickering, b. 16 Sep 1627 m. THOMAS HODSON
….. 1.7 MARGARET Pickering, b. 20 Nov 1627
….. 1.8 BENJAMIN Pickering, b. 24 Feb 1632
….. 1.9 HELENA (Eillena) Pickering, [died unmarried] Jul 1617

2. ROBERT PICKERING Esq. of Crowly Lodge [1619-1664] m. ALICE WOODCOCKE

of Crowly Lodge (near Crowton) and Northwood, later of Thelwall Hall
bap. 20 May 1619, bur. 1664 (age 45),
Settled in East Grinstead, co. Sussex, of Gray’s Inn
m. (1) 10 Aug 1627, ALICE WOODCOCKE, daughter and sole heiress of Robert Woodcock, esq. of London, grandson and heir of Ralph Woodcock, Sheriff of Alderman of London. By her, he had one son: Robert Pickering.
….. 2.1 Robert (Robtius) Pickering, b. 21 Jul 1628, East Grinstead; probate Will: 17 May 1666; m. 3 Feb 1651 Susan Paine, daughter of Edward Paine, Esq.
………….2.1.1 Robert Pickering, bap. 4 Dec 1652 (or 4 Oct 1652), East Grinstead, Sussex (was 10 years old at time of visitation in 1662); Possible death: Robert Pickering, Gentleman; buried: 22 May 1678, East Grinstead, Sussex [age 26]

m. (2) MARTHA LYNDSEY daughter of Edward Lyndsey, Esq. of Buckstead co. Sussex
….. 2.1 Martha Pickering; m. 1647 Alexander Haddon
….. 2.2 Mary Pickering, m. 1653 William Fermor Esq. of Welches co. Sussex, Barrister at Law, father of Sir Henry Fermor, Bart.
….. 2.3 Anne Pickering, bap. 29 Jan 1632; m. John Christian of London
….. 2.4 Sarah Pickering, bap. 32 July 1635; bur. 29 May 1736 (age 1)

[No surviving descendants of the family line of Robert Pickering (2)] Main source(s): Visitation (Cheshire, 1663, ‘Pickering of Thelwall’)

Descendants of John Pickering (1) and Margaret Harrison

….. 1.1 ROBERT [Robertus Pickerin] PICKERING, Esq. of Thelwall [1619-1696]; m. MARTHA LEY

b. 30 May 1619, Daresbury
d. about 1696
m. MARTHA LEY (LEIGH, Lay); dau. Rev. John Ley of Chester, Great Budworth
Purchaser of Thelwall and Crowley:
In 1651 he purchased, for £5,190, amongst other premises, all that capital mansion-house called Crowley Lodge in Crowley, within a certain place called Northwood Park (formerly a part owned by the Crown), in the parish of Great Budworth, Cheshire with about 150 acres. He continued to make Crowley Lodge his home until he bought Thelwall. His name appears on the Roll of Knights and Esquires in Cheshire in 1650. His shield and crest may be seen on several of my family’s heirlooms.

Inheritor of John: purchaser of Thelwall from the Mores. “Being destined for the law” was entered as a student at Gray’s Inn 1637. He married Martha, daughter of Rev. John Ley of Christ Church College, Oxford. “His ancestors were of Walford, in Mobberley, in the time of Queen Elizabeth, and in whose family it still continues to be vested.”

Abbreviated Will Codicil of Robert Pickering 1696.
I Robert Pickering of Thelwall.
Beneficiaries: My son Robert, my daughter Margaret, my son John and wife Abigail, My grandchild Sherard Pickering, my grandchild Philip Pickering, my grandchild John Pickering, my son Samuel Pickering, my wife
Other mentions : Richard Dutton

(4) Children of Robert Pickering and Martha Ley

…….. 1.1.1 (heir) JOHN PICKERING, b. 11 Oct 1645; m. Abigail Sherard
…….. 1.1.2 ROBERT PICKERING (Rev.), b. 4 Oct 1646; m. Mary Currer
…….. 1.1.3 MARGARET PICKERING (re grandfather’s Will 1696)
…….. 1.1.3 SAMUEL PICKEIRNG (re grandfather’s Will 1696)

Martha Ley was the daughter of the Rev. John Ley, k M.A. of Christ Church College, Oxford, a Prebendary of Chester, and successively Vicar of Great Budworth, in that county, and Rector of Solihull and of Sutton Coldfield, in the county of Warwick, by whom he had issue. Inheritor of John: purchaser of Thelwall from the Mores. “Being destined for the law” was entered as a student at Gray’s Inn in 1637. “His ancestors were of Walford, in Mobberley, in the time of Queen Elizabeth, and in whose family it still continues to be vested.”

crowley lodgeAs the representative of this family, Robert Pickering, Esq. (1.1)  son and heir of John (1), was the purchaser of Thelwall [visit Thelwall Community website] from the Mores. Being destined for the Law, was entered a student of Gray’s Inn in 1637. He attained considerable eminence in his profession and was several times elected Reader of the Society.

In 1651 he purchased, for £5,190, amongst other premises, all that capital mansion-house called Crowley Lodge in Crowley, within a certain place called Northwood Park (formerly a part owned by the Crown), in the parish of Great Budworth, Cheshire with about 150 acres. He continued to make Crowley Lodge his home until he bought Thelwall. His name appears on the Roll of Knights and Esquires in Cheshire in 1650. His shield and crest may be seen on several of my family’s heirlooms.

In consequence of this purchase, Robert Pickering removed himself from the seat of his ancestors at Walford, and continued to make Crowley Lodge his residence until he became the owner of Thelwall. This manor was conveyed to him by indenture of bargain and sale,’ dated the 4th Dec. 1661, (13di Charles II.), and made between John More, therein described of Kirtlington, in the county of Nottingham, and Sir Jeffery Palmer of Carleton, in the county of Northampton, Knight, and Baronet, his Majesty’s Attorney-General, of the one part, and himself, described as Robert Pickering, of Crowley Lodge, within Northwood Park, in the county of Chester, and Thomas Chesshyre the younger, of Halton, in the said county of Chester, Thomas Pickering, of the city of Chester, and Peter Pickering, citizen and mercer, of London, of the other part, for the consideration of £6,500. and other considerations therein specified.

Descendants of Robert Pickering and Martha Ley

….. 1.1.1 (heir) JOHN PICKERING [1645-1703] m. Abigail Sherard

b. 11 Oct 1645, bap. 16 Oct 1645, Saint Mary At Hill, London
d. 1703, Thelwall
m. (1) Elizabeth Clifton
m (2) ABIGAIL SHERARD  of Whissendine; bap. 17 Feb 1652; d. Jan 1733, Thelwall
He was entered a student of Gray’s Inn anno 1664. He was shortly after called to the Bar by that Society, but, succeeding to an ample fortune, did not long continue in practice. By (second marriage?) to Ann Bennett of Greenwich.

Documents in University of Manchester Library: “Details both of John Pickering’s marriage settlements [John Pickering (1645-1703), who married firstly Elizabeth Clifton and later Abigail Sherard], dated Dec 1659 and Nov 1679; the first settled the manor of Thelwall and various other lands, and the second related to Northwood Park and various other lands in Cheshire. Also abstracted is the deed of purchase of the manor of Thelwall and other lands by Robert Pickering (b. 1619) from the executors of John Moare, dated 2 Sep 1662.”

Thelwall Hall, Cheshire

Thelwall Hall, Cheshire

During the lifetime of his father [Robert 1.1] John [1.1.1] made Crowley Lodge his principal residence, but on his death removed to Thelwall. He married Abigail Sherard, only daughter of the Hon. Philip Sherard, of Whissendine, co. Rutland, M.P. for that shire in all the parliaments of Charles the Second, (by Margaret, daughter of Sir Thomas Denton, of Hillesdon, co. Bucks, and widow of the Hon. William Eure, son of William Lord Eure,) and second son of William Lord Sherard Baron of Leitrim, by Abigail, elder daughter and coheiress of Cecil Cave, Esq. of Stanford, co. Northampton, by Anne his wife, daughter and sole heir to Anthony Bennett, of Greenwich, Esq.

Children of John Pickering (1.1.1) and Abigail Sherard

……….. (heir) JOHN PICKERING [1674-1747] m. CHARLOTTE ASTON

Heir of Thelwall Hall
c. 1674, Aston, Runcorn
d. 26 Dec. 1747
m. 23 Feb 1695, CHARLOTTE ASTON, d. 29 Mar 1753; bur. Thelwall (age 71)
daughter of Sir Willoughby Aston, Bart, of Aston, co. Chester, and sister of Sir Thomas Aston, third Baronet of that family, and died 26th Dec. 1747, leaving issue.
John was successor to Thelwell in 1703 and to the Manor of Hatton, under the settlement of his uncle, the Rev. Robert Pickering (1.1.2), in 1704. From the minutes of the Steward’s Journal, “1751 April 2, the corps of Mrs. Charlotte Pickering, widow, was brought from Wavertree in a herse drawn by six horses to Thelwall, and was interred in the chappel there.” He was for many years an active and upright magistrate for the county of Chester, and held the appointment of Steward of the fee of Halton, and manor of Widness. His wife survived him until the 29th March 1751, when she died at the age of 71, and was buried at Thelwall the 2nd of April following. Her will is dated 16th May 1749. 

Children of John Pickering ( and Charlotte Aston


,(heir), b. 1700; d. 26 Jul 1776, Thelwall
m. (1) Elizabeth Lacy, widow; by that lady, who predeceased him, had no surviving issue; He succeeded to the estates on the decease of the latter in 1747. This gentleman built the present Thelwall Hall about the middle of the last century, near the site of the ancient manor-house, which was then taken down. It is a very neat and substantially built mansion of brick, consisting of three stories with a pediment in the centre, and has a double flight of steps leading to the principal entrance.

m. (2) Mary Thorn, daughter of Peter Thorn, of Baling, Middlesex, (marriage settlement, dated 10th May 1775.) By his will dated 10th June 1775, with codicil thereto dated 5th December in the same year, he devised his estates ” to his nephews Henry and Robert  successively in tail, and in default of issue of them, then to Thomas Pickering of Canterbury, (cousin) the son of his uncle Alexander Pickering and his heirs.” His widow survived him until the 8th April 1834, when she died at Chester at the advanced age of 84. [no surviving issue.]

……….. Willoughby Richard Pickering, MD [surgeon], of Hanover Square, London, M.D., b. 10 May 1704, Runcorn, Cheshire; m. 7 Oct 1746, Soho, London Elizabeth Speed; d. 1750 admon
…………….. 1 Elizabeth Maria Pickering (heiress), married at St. George’s Hanover Square, to George Keen, Esq. Alderman and Mayor of Stafford. 

RESEARCH NOTE: Willoughby Richard John Pickering: Mother, Elizabeth; Father, Willoughby John Pickering. Baptized 16 Jul 1747, St James, Piccadilly (St James, Westminster), London, Westminster

……….. John Pickering, [died without issue]
……….. HENRY PICKERING, of Westminster, m. 26 Jun 1746, London MARY KING. He succeeded to greater part of Hatton Estates. [had issue]
……….. Elizabeth Pickering, [died unmarried],
……….. Mary Pickering, [died unmarried], buried at Thelwall, Will dated 12 Dec1754
……….. Charlotte Pickering [died unmarried], buried at Thelwall, 9 Sep 1763

Children of Henry Pickering ( and Mary King

……….. John Pickering, [died young] 12 may 1749, buried at Thelwall
……….. HENRY PICKERING, [successor to his uncle, Thomas]; b. 1756; m. 25 Apr 1788, Margaret Phillips; d. 28 Dec 1820, Bath; bur. in the family vault at Thelwall, 9th Jan. 1821. Margaret, daughter and heiress of John Phillips, Esq. of Liverpool, but by that lady had no issue. His brother Robert having also died without issue, the estates thereupon devolved, under the limitations of the will of Thomas Pickering, Esq. [died without issue]
……….. Robert Pickering, d. 28 Jul 1820 [died unmarried without issue in Jamaica],
……….. Mary Pickering, [died unmarried]
……….. Helena Pickering, d. 1834 [died unmarried]
Elizabeth, [died unmarried]
……….. Mary, buried at Thelwall 27th Feb. 1769. Will dated 12th Dec. 1754 [died unmarried]
……….. Charlotte died also unmarried, and was buried at Thelwall 9th September 1763. [died unmarried]
Lineage of John Pickering and Charlotte Aston – Extinct

Children of John Pickering (1.1.1) and Abigail Sherard, Continued

……….. SHERARD PICKERING, b. 11 Oct 1680, Whissendine; d. 3 Mar 1719  [age 37], Clifford’s Inn, London; in 12 Jan 1712 he was a resident of Clifford’s Inn, London where he studied to become a barrister. [never married]

……….. DANBY PICKERING, b. ? of London, merchant; m. MARY HATTON, and had a numerous issue. From his eldest son was descended Danby Pickering of Gray’s Inn, Barrister at Law, Reader of the Law Lectures to that Society, and editor of a well known edition of the Statutes at Large. Of Danby’s children: Several of his sons went out in early life and settled in North America.
…………… Danby Pickering, bap. 17 Mar 1716, St Andrew, Holborn, Camden, London, England
…………… Samuel Pickering, died, Charlestown, S.C. 1737, merchant

……….. ALEXANDER PICKERING, who held a lucrative appointment under the Trinity House, which he procured through the influence of his cousin the Earl of Harborough. He married MARY WOOLEY daughter of Thomas Woolley, Esq. by whom he had issue.
………….. Alexander Pickering, bur. 27 Apr 1730, St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, Southwark, Surrey
………….. John Pickering, bur. 18 Dec 1730, St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, Southwark, Surrey
………….. Thomas Woolley Pickering, of Canterbury, bap. 17 Jun 1718, Deptford, Kent, England; a Lieutenant R.N. m. 2 Mar 1745, Mary Abree, only daughter and heiress of James Abree, Esq. of that city, and died 28th April 1792 having had issue.
……………… (heir) Thomas Abree Pickering, b. 27 Apr, 1755, Canterbury; m. 3 Feb. 1816 Mrs. Hannah Lion, of London; but by her, who died 4th Nov. 1822, [no issue].
……………… James Alexander Pickering, died young, 3 Feb 1754, Parish Church of Deal, Kent, England [no issue]
……………… Mary Pickering, m. 1770 John Burnby, Esq. of Canterbury, and had issue:
………………….. William Burnby Pickering, d. 1806; Brought up at Westminster School, practiced as a solicitor at Canterbury.
……………… Thomas Pickering, who in 1790 was a Midshipman on his Majesty’s ship Monarch.
……………… Mary Pickering, married Hodgkin, who died in America
……………… Lucy Pickering Elizabeth [died unmarried].

……….. PHILIP PICKERING, [re: grandfather, Robert Pickering’s Will 1696]

……… 1.1.2 ROBERT PICKERING, b. 4 Oct 1646; bap. 8 Oct 1646, Saint Mary At Hill, London; d. 1704; m. 7 May 1677, MARY CURRER, daughter of Hugh Currer, Esq. of Kildwick and Anne his wife, relict of Robert Winckley, Esq. of Winckley.  Hall. “in holy orders, M.A. of Saint John’s College, Cambridge, Rector of Eccleston and Croston, Lancashire [ed: 40 miles due north of Frodsham], in the county palatine of Lancaster by Anne his wife, relict of Robert Winckley, Esq. of Winckley. He settled the Hatton estates, to which he succeeded under his father’s will upon his nephew, John Pickering. [Died without issue].

Descendants of John (Johannas) Pickering (1) and Margaret Harrison, Continued

….. 1.2 JOHN PICKERING [1620-1674] m. MARGARET

bap. 19 Mar 1620, Daresbury
d. 17 Feb 1674-6
m. MARGARET; b. 1654
The deed for Thelwall was signed in the presence of, John in 1664. He settled at Cuckfield, in Sussex
………….. 1.2.1 JOHN PICKERING, bap. 27 Oct 1649, Cuckfield, Sussex (mother: Margaret)
Clerk and Rector of Tarring, Neville Parish, East Sussex; Minister of Westham (at time of marriage)
………………. m. 18 Aug 1676 (age 27), All Saints, Lewes, Sussex, BARBARA SCRASE of Clayton
……………… John Pickering, b. 15 Feb 1683, Bishopstone Parish
……………… Katherine Pickering, 27 Oct 1691, Cuckfield, West Sussex (father: John, Clerk)
……………… George Pickering, bap. 28 Sep 1688, bur. 4 Sep 1689 (age 10), Tarring, Neville Parish, Sussex
………….. 1.2.2 PETER PICKERING, Clerk, died. 6 Feb 1690, Cuckfield, Sussex [possible]
………….. 1.2.2 Margaret Pickering, bap. 26 Feb 1651-2
………….. 1.2.3 Katherine Pickering, bap. 02 Jun 1654

….. 1.3 THOMAS PICKERING [1622-1689] m. MARY GERARD

bap. 1622, Daresbury; d. 1689
m. Mary Gerard
Will dated: 1689
The following material is held at University of Manchester Library, Reference: GB 133 EGT/4/1/2, Former Reference: GB 133 EGT/3/2/2.. Dates of Creation: 27 Sep 1661; Physical Description: 1 sheet. Condition: quite fragile; includes 2 earlier paper repairs.
“Made by Elizabeth Pickering [who seems to be a daughter of Thomas Pickering of Chester (1622-1689), the brother of Robert who bought the Thelwall estate]. Gives up all her rights in various properties in Hatton to Thomas Ashton, the husband of her sister Margaret, in consideration of £50 paid by Ashton to Elizabeth and her other sister Anne [her uncle Robert and grandfather John had been given the right to appoint a sum to be paid to the 2 sisters if Margaret married without their consent; this obviously happened on her marriage to Ashton].”

….. 1.4 PETER PICKERING de Walford [1623-1711]

Citizen and Mercer merchant of London.
bap. 10 Jun 1623, Daresbury; d. 1711 [age 88]
1692-1704 Residence: Farringdon, London
> 17 Aug 1689 –  Petition of the Mercers of London The clause enjoining the wearing of woollen manufactures six months in the year will ruin Petitioners and thousands of families depending on them and destroy the Bill itself the design of which is the sale of English wool Pray to be heard at the Bar against the body of the Bill Signed by Peter Pickering and 85 other persons LJ XIV 315.
> 1692-1704 Residence: Farringdon, London [Großbritannien Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts · 1889]
> 8 Jul 1696 he went to court as a victim of theft of ribbons from his shop. He was the victim of shoplifting. The perpetrators were pronounced guilty and were punished by “branding”.
> 24 Feb 1697 Elizabeth Rowman of the Parish of St. Dunstans in the West, was indicted for feloniously stealing 20 Yards of Flower’d Silk, the Goods of Peter Pickering, on the 20th of January last. To which Indictment she pleaded guilty.

….. 1.5 CATHERINE PICKERING, bap. 28 May 1626, Daresbury; m. Thomas Chesshire, Esq. of Hallwood, Halton

….. 1.6 WILLIAM PICKERING, bap. 16 Sep 1627; m. ? Hodson

……1.7 MARGARET PICKERING, bap. 20 Nov 1627, Daresbury; m. Thomas Hodson of Liverpool, merchant

….. 1.8 BENJAMIN PICKERING, b. 24 Feb. 1632, Daresbury. Of London, a member of the Merchant Taylors’ Company

….. 1.9 HELENA (Eillena) PICKERING, died unmarried July 1617

The last representative of the family at Thelwall.

Thomas Abree Pickering, Esq., son and heir of Thomas Woolley Pickering, of Canterbury, was the last representative of the family at Thelwall. He was brought up to the profession of the Law, which he practiced for many years with considerable success in London. On coming, however, into possession of these estates, he retired from the profession and from that period to the time of his death continued to reside at Thelwall. He married, 3 Feb. 1816, Mrs. Hannah Lion, of London; but by her, who died 4th Nov. 1822, [had no issue].

He was the author of several pamphlets (both legal and otherwise), amongst which may be mentioned an essay “On the Use and Doctrine of Attachments,” published in 1786, and was for many years a constant contributor to the Westminster Magazine. In 1814 a patent was granted to him for an invention for the effectual security of remittances by bankers’ parcels. Dying without issue, he devised the manor of Thelwall, and his other estates, to William Nicholson, Esq. elder son of Peter Nicholson, Esq. of Warrington, and Lucy his wife, only daughter of William Eyres, Esq. and sister of Lieut.-Colonel William Eyres, of Warrington, and grandson of James Nicholson, of that town, Gent. By Elizabeth his wife, eldest daughter and coheiress of Peter Seaman, Esq. and sister of the late Lady Evans. Thelwall Hall is now the residence of Peter Nicholson, Esq. [1846].


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(6) Papers of the Pickering Family: