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Pickering (Wallford**, co. Chester) Erm. A lion ramp. Az. Crowned or, within a bordure of the second, charged with eight plates. Crest – A lion’s gamb erect and erased az. Enfield with a ducal coronet or


  1. “Pickering Genealogy being an account of the First Three Generations of the Pickering Family of Salem, Mass and the Descendants of John and Sarah (Burrill) Pickering, of the third generation.” by Harrison Ellery and Charles Pickering Bowditch, Vol. I .

Ancient Pickering Spellings

The earliest spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Reginald de Pichering, which was dated 1165, in the “Pipe Rolls of Yorkshire.

Iterations of the Pickering name have been found to be:

Picheringa” in the Domesday Book of 1086
Pikering in the Close Rolls of Yorkshire

Earliest recorded Pickerings

Early records of the name mention PICHERINGA (without surname) who was listed as a tenant in the Domesday Book of 1086.

1165 – Reginald de Pichering in the “Pipe Rolls of Yorkshire” during the reign of King Henry II

1203 – ROBERT de PYKERING appears in the Charter Rolls

1208 – The name was documented as PIKERING, Yorkshire

1230 – William Pickering of Killington born possibly in Pickering, North Riding

1246 – Henry de Pikeringes in the Feet of Fines of Oxfordshire

1273 – Hugh de Pikering of the County of Yorkshire

1327 – John Pykeryng recorded in the Subsidy Rolls of Somerset

1370 – Diota de Pykering of Yorkshire was listed in the Yorkshire Poll Tax of 1379.

1372 – Jacobus de Pikeryng, Freeman of York

1551 – Christening of Anne, daughter of William Pikering, (March 4th 1551), in Aberford, Yorkshire

1562 – Marriage of Richard Pickering and Anne Swynerton on February 10th 1562, at St. Andrew by the first recorded

1563 – Christening of Thomas Pickerin, 4 Aug 1563 – FRODSHAM parish

1570 – Hugh Pickering of Warkworth, Last Will and Testament, buried in churchyard of Great Budworth

1574 – Marriage of Richard Pickering and Elizabeth Brown – FRODSHAM earliest marriage recorded