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St Hilary Church – Wallasey

St. Hilary Church & Pickering’s Connections

In April of 2011 I visited St. Hiliary Church in Wallasey and photographed the graves of my ancestors. The graves were located on the highest point of the hill overlooking the city and the views were amazing. I suspect that since my 3x Great Grandparents, William and Frederica Pickering were very wealthy and had status, that they were able to choose this prime location in the cemetery.

The most interesting feature of the stones were that each letter was carved out of the base stone and inset with marble. The marble is harder than the stone so time will never erase the inscriptions on the graves. I imagine that was a rather expensive undertaking – another proof of their wealth.

Charles William Harrison and Elizabeth Walker Pickering were rather large donors to this church as evidenced by the inscriptions found on an amazing brass plate and now displayed in the church.

From: – “Mr Pickering, after whom Pickering Road was presumably named, died in 1881 at the age of 65 and was buried in St. Hilary’s Churchyard, although he worshipped at St. James’s Church, where there is, or was, a stained glass window to his memory.”


William Pickering died 16 February 1855 – age 72
F.C.A. Pickering (relict of the above) died 16 April 1864 – aged 75 years
Alfred V. Pickering died 5th Dec. 1868 invant son of H.A. and F. Pickering – great grandson of the above
Charles F. Cox Comm. R. N. (son-in0law of the above) – died 13 Oct. 1876 – aged 70 years
Charles W. H. Pickering eldest son of W. & F.C.A. Pickering born the 9th of November 1815 died the 2nd of March 1881 – aged 65 years
Inscription “May Help cometh from the Lord”
Elizabeth Pickering wife of the above and daughter of t. and K. Walker of chester – born 24 July 1819 – Fell Asleep 2 april 1895
Frieda Valentia youngest daughter of C.W.H. Pickering – born 3 Aug 1858 died 28 July 1932 aged 73 years
Inscription “Until the day break.”
James William Pickering died 1 September 1878 – aged 51 (son of C.W.H.Pickering)
Hester Isabel Pickering daughter of James William Pickering and Hester Ann Pickering who departed this life 2nd August 1857 – Aged 11 weeks.
HUGHES – PICKEIRNG In rememberance of Ann Hughes who died at “Montebello” New Brighton on 12th February 1876 aged 90 yrs. From the age of 16, the faithful friend and servant in the family of Elizabeth [Harrison] Pickering.
Inscription “For so he giveth his beloved sleep”

Inscription on this beautifully inscribed brass plaque reads:

“In Loving Memory of Charles William Harrison Pickering of this Parish: Also of his Mother Frederike Caroline Amalia Pickering”

by his Children 2nd March 1881.

Photo of Pickering graves before WWII. There was an iron fence surrounding the huge double flatstones on a plinth which shows evidence of the railings.

Pickering graves with view overlooking the city. Photos by C. P. Stover, April 2011

St Hilary’s Church is in the town of Wallasey, Wirral, Merseyside, England. It consists of a church built in 1858–59 and the separate tower of a former medieval church. Both the church and the tower are recorded in the National Heritage List for England as designated Grade II listed buildings.

The plaque on the back of the Bishop’s Chair reads: “To the Glory of God and in Loving Remembrance of C.W.H. Pickering and his wife Elizabeth Pickering of Montebello in this Parish.” It is dated 1914 and the initials on it are E – P – M.