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Emma Pickering

b: 19 Feb 1856, Liscard, England
m: 10 June 1880 (age 24) St James Parish, New Brighton, Cheshire
d: 12 Jul 1887 (age 31), Hannover, Prussia

+ Adolph Friedrich Louis Weste

(Adolph Louis Frederic Weste)

b: abt 1859, Kanroon, Hanover, Germany
m: 10 Jun 1880 (about age 21)
residence: Hannover
Captain in the 74th Regt of Prussian Army

Only child of Emma and Adolph Weste
Charles Georg Florens Weste
b: 10 Jun 1881, Hannover, Prussia, Germany

Note: Their wedding was held at Montebello, the estate of her father CWH Pickering. The family shield is engraved at the top of the invitation.

Georg Weste was listed as an inheritor of the estate of F. V. Pickering in 1933. According to a family tree by Andreas Shulz (of Germany), Emma married Adolph Weste. They had a son, Charles George Weste. Mr. Schulz provided Emma’s death date.

According to a handwritten family tree by David Eckersley-Maslin (UK), Emma married Capt. Weste of the German Amry. He has her birth year as 1855.

Ref: Germany & Austria, Directories of Military and Marine Officers, 1500-1939 (In German)
Published 1863 – Hannover
Adolph Weste, Second Lieutenant, 2 Dec. 1862

Ref: Braunschweigisches Adresses for January 1870 (in German)
Residence: 1870 – Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony), Deutschland (Germany)