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Chester Marriages: 1607-1897







St. Hiliary Church, Frodsham

St. Mary’s Church, Weaverham

Chester Marriages 1607-1897

Year Date Pickering Name Married Parish Witnesses
1607 Hugh Eln Worrall Chester Archdeaconry Marriage Licences
1610 John Ann Hatton Chester Archdeaconry
1612 John Eln Wal Chester Archdeaconry
1614 John Catherine Swan Chester Archdeaconry
1616 John Jane Massy Chester Archdeaconry
1623 Jan John Katherine Lanclette St. Oswald
1630 25 May John Margaret Pickering St. Peter
1627 19 Sep John Ellen Gilberte St Oswald
1635 14 Feb Bernard Elizab Finchett Both: St Oswald
1662 John Margaret Walton Chester Archdeaconry
1695 Feb 22 John Charlotte Aston Groom: of Thelwall
Bride: of Aston
at Croston (Crowton)
1696 Aug 13 Elizabeth Roger Barnes, Yeoman Groom: of Minshull
Bride: Acton or Namptwich
1696 Aug 19 William Alice Sharrock Groom: of Lower Darwen
Bride: Oswaldtwisle
Bondsman: Joseph Pickering of Lower Darwen
1697 Nov 7 Jonathan, Apothecary Margaret Lowton Both: of Warrington
1698 Mar 24 Joseph Janet Windle Both: of Lower Darwen, Co. Lane
1698 17 apr Isaack Ann Crims Both: Chester
1698 May 16 William, Yeoman Mary Blackamore Groom: of Cuddington
Bride: Crowton
at Little Budworth
Bondsman Samuel Pickering of Halton, Taylor
1699 Nov 28 Jonathan, Carpenter Dorothy Davies Both: Chester Bondsmen Jonathan pickering, Carpenter of Parish of St John’s Chester
1738 30 Sep James Catherine Manifold Groom: of Weaverham
Bride: of Frodsham
Cathedral of Chester
1750 18 Dec James Mary Payne Both: Holy Trinity
1752 18 Dec James Mary Pain Both: Holy Trinity
1770 12 Sep George, Slaughterer (b:1749) Mary Perkin Both: Manchester
1774 22 Mar Bernard Mary Lloyde Both: St Martin
1792 19 apr James Mary Davies Groom: Overton, Chester, Flint
1800 19 May George Elizabeth Jones Both: St Mary
1804 26 Jan George, Laborer Sarah WoolleyFather: Thomas Woolley Both: St Oswald
1805 21 Jan Charles, Laborer Elizabeth Griffith Both: St Oswald John Pickering
Mary Griffith
1808 18 Jan Edward, Laborer Jane Moulton Both: St Oswald
1813 7 Nov James, Laborer Elizabeth Johnson Both: St John the Baptist
1808 28 Dec James, Widow
Husbandman (landowner)
Elizabeth Griffith Both: St John the Baptist
1820 14 Nov George,
Drawing Master
Magdelen Ferrers Both: St Oswald
1824 7 Nov James, Gardner Sarah Crofs St. Mary’s on the Hill
1840 15 Oct Charles William Harrison, Merchant, Liverpool, age 21
Father: William, Merchant
Elizabeth Walker
age 21
Father: Thomas Walker, Brewer, Foregate Street
Groom: Liverpool
Bride: Chester
Parish: St John the Baptist
William & Eliza Pickering
Thomas Walker
1846 19 Jan Edward, Contractor Elizabeth Davis Groom: of Liverpool
Collegiate and Parish Church Of Manchester
1847 17 Oct James, Laborer
Father: John, Laborer
Ann Davies, Widow Both: Davenham
1849 28 Dec George, Laborer
Father: John, Laborer
Sarah Lloyd Both: St Mary on the Hill Elizabeth Pickering
1859 8 Sep Charles, (b: 1813) Widow, Cooper
Father: William, Cooper
Hannah Mercer
(b: 1825)
Father: James Mercer, Farmer
Cuppin Street
St. Mary’s-on-the-Hill
Agnes Wooley
George Charneck
1866 1 Jan Henry
Manager of Picture Gallery
Father: William, Silk Manufacturer
Mary Ann Halworth
Father: Elisha Halworth, Weaver
Groom: of London
Bride: of Stockport
James Pickering
1870 16 Aug Henry Hariette Snelson Both: of Church of Witton, Northwich
1897 12 Apr Edward Leatherborrow, (b: 1871), Milk Dealer. Father: Joseph, Farmer Bertha Evans
(b: 1871)
Both: St Bridget Henry Astbury

Cheshire (to be sorted)

Year Date Pickering Name Married Pickering Father Residence
1690 27 Jan Sarah David Pierson Wilmslow
1708 Feb John Sarah Daniell Prestbury
1714 31 Mar Eliz John Smethurst Prestbury
1792 19 Apr James Mary Davies Overton
1796 29 Nov Mary John Hallows Runcorn
1803 27 Nov Joseph Hannah Burns Overton
1806 13 Apr Ellen William Massey Runcorn
1810 27 Dec Ann William Gundy Runcorn
1812 7 Jul John Charlotte Briscall Runcorn
1833 31 Jul John Alice Forster Weaverham
1849 18 Dec Louisa (21) Joseph Taylor (21) Intended Cheshire
1849 5 Apr William (21) Margaret Sandback (21) Intended Cheshire


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  • While searching for the name “Pickerne” I noticed that name only appears in Cheshire County from the early records of 1571-1657.
  • I have recorded the spellings of the names exactly as I found them in the original records. These spellings are assumed by most researchers to be a derivative of the name Pickering.