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CWHP & Elizabeth Walker

Charles William Pickering

b: 03 Sep 1841, Liverpool, England
c: 15 Oct 1841, St George, Everton Lancashire
m: 08 Oct 1866 (age 25)
d: 30 Aug 1928 Junction City, KS (age 87)
b: 3 Sept 1841, Junction City, Geary Co, KS
o: Sea Captain

+ Clara Isabella (Bell) White

b: 01 Apr 1852, Illinois
d: 27 May 1898, Geary, KS
Parents: James White  (b. Indiana) & Teabe (b. Ohio) White (Irish)

+ (2) Mary Elizabeth Hackleman

b: 16 Feb 1867, MO
m: 15 Mar 1883, Cedar, MO
d: 19 Nov 1958, Cedar, MO

First child of Charles William Pickering and Clara White. Photos courtesy James W. Wilson.

Clara Isabella White


Charles William Pickering, first born son of a banking and merchant family in 1841, educated in a manner afforded to that class of Englishmen, must have felt the pull of the sea early. Living near to Liverpool, and having family ships at his disposal, he would have naturally heard the ” Song of the Sirens”. As his father was a wool and cotton merchant, he would also just as naturally have shipped to sea as ‘super-cargo’ or agent for his father in keeping track of family interests. The purchase of the Steam Ship Denbigh in 1861 by his father and partners would have given him the opportunity to enjoy a different mode of transportation other than wind.

The lure took him to the then warring States…first as super-cargo and later as Captain of the Denbigh, hauling supplies to the Confederacy from Havana, and cotton back to Havana to be trans-shipped to England to supply his father’s mills. [For the sake of historical accuracy, research is on-going to verify that he was the Captain of the Denbigh

After the sinking of the  Denbigh, he is next seen in Iowa, far from the aftermath of the Civil War. There he married Clara Isabella White, and relocated his then small family to western Riley and eastern Geary Counties. He was joined there by several of his brothers.


As time passed, some brothers married and moved away, others remained in close proximity. The lure of the sea remained for CW. As the railroads were completed to the West coast, they were an excellent link to the sea for him. His growing family was permanently located in Junction City, Kansas, while he traveled by rail to secure work in what he’d been groomed for…Merchant Marine

He continued to make his pilgrimage to the sea as his family grew, until the years determined that he remain at home. By that time his young family had grown in years as well…giving him grandchildren to regale with stories of blockade-running, high seas, far-away places, and also bestowing on them the lure of travel…..evidenced by the widely dispersed family that remains today

Only a few of his personal items are left, and only a few of the stories remain, to be told and retold to the coming generations of Charles William Pickering …Citizen of the World.

About the Seaman’s Treasures

The palm push and needles were known to be CW’s. The faded initials that are left are “WP”

The knife has more of a story. It was made from a broken saber. The name Joseph Rodgers and sonsis on the blade. It was sharpened into a knife and was used by CW on the days they were becalmed. He practiced throwing it to keep his eye sharpened, and also to illustrate to the crew that he was good at throwing it. Story told to me by my dad, Slim [Clifford] Pickering. The handle is bone, and the hilt and frame for the handle are silver.

The compass has no story, but it was among CW’S things, as was the Meerschaum pipe and case.

Dad at one time tried to teach me as much about knot-making as he could, telling me that his Grandpa had taught them to him! We are trying to identify the model of this ship that CW is holding. His brother, Henry Alfred [1847-1940], was said to have owned a model of the chipCestrian but we’re not sure if this is the same model.
Research continues . . .

Photos and stories lovingly assembled by Skip Pickering, a great-grandson of Charles William Pickering


Children of Charles William Pickering and Clara Isabella White

CHARLES EUGENE Pickering [Click here for more details]
… b: 24 Sep 1868, Marshal Co., Iowa
… d: 8 Aug 1956 Chapman, KS (age 88)

William James Pickering
… b: 10 Mar 1870, Patterson Grove, State Center, Iowa
… d: 24 Aug 1870 (age 5 mos)

Harold Pickering
… b: 1 Jan 1872, Winnebago Co, Illinois
… d: 1934, Los Angeles CA (age 62)

Isabella Maud Pickering
… b: 14 Oct 1873 Alameda Co., CA
… m: 22 Sep 1895 in Junction City, KS
… d: 29 May 1968 Mountain View Manor, Bennett, CO (age 95)
Harley HUNT b: 17 Nov 1869 o: Railroad Master Mechanic
…….. Arthur Harley Hunt b: 03 Jul 1896 d: 10 Jan 1968 Denver, CO
…….. Audrey Aileen Hunt b: 03 Mar 1898 d: 27 May 1985 Brighton, CO + never married
…….. Olive Isabelle Hunt b: 18 May 1904 d: 21 Sept 1997
…….. William Henry Hunt b: 28 Jul 1906 d: 14 Oct 1969
…….. Loa Irene Hunt b: 23 Apr 1910 d: 09 Oct 1967
…….. Harley Edward Hunt b: 24 Jul 1913 d: 28 Feb 1989 Denver, CO

Children of Charles William Pickering and Mary Elizabeth Hackleman

Martha Ethel Pickering
… b: 11 Feb 1886 Junction City, KS
… d: 06 Mar 1971 Burial: Crown Hill Cemetery near Denver, CO, Never Married (age 85)

Alfred Aljorel Pickering
… b: 21 Nov 1888 Junction City, KS
… d: 16 May 1966 Denver, CO Burial: Sunset Hill Cemetery, Herington, KS (age 78)
…. + Clara Leona Tadlock b: 20 Dec 1895 d: 09 Feb 1929
……….. Fred Pickering
……….. Clara Isabella Pickering b: 10 Aug 1925

Ralph Pickering
… b: 07 Mar 1891 Junction City, KS
… d: 13 Jan 1896 (age 4 yrs 10 mos of Diptheria)

Paulena (Lena) Pickering
… b: 28 Apr 1892 Junction City, KS
… d: 10 Aug 1892 Junction City, KS (age 4 mos of Diptheria)

Herbert (Hubert) Pickering
… b: 10 Aug 1893 Junction City, KS
d: 29 Aug 1893 Junction City, KS (age 3 yrs of Diptheria)

Edward Pickering
… b: 10 Oct 1985 Junction City, KS
… d: 14 Jan 1896 (age 11 yrs of Diptheria)


Family oral history: Charles would contract to captain merchant ships out of San Francisco while his family remained in Junction City. He would take a train from Kansas to San Francisco, be at sea for six months or so, and then return home for a few months. It’s possible that the Census that shows him as a “Teamster” is the term that was used while he was occupied as a merchant ship captain.

Charles William Pickering Obit

C.W. Pickering passed away last evening at oclock at his home. 412 S. Jefferson street, after an illness of some weeks. He was 87 years old and had been a resident of Geary county for the past 44 years. Born in England, he followed the sea for many years before coming to America to live, and as a captain, sailed some of the largest vessels of his time. He sailed out of San Francisco for 15 years, and had voyaged around the world numerous times.

Mr. Pickering is survived by his wife, Mrs. Betty Pickering, five children, Eugene of Geary county; Fred of Haerrington; Mrs. Maude Hunt, Weldon, Colo; Martha of Omalia and Harold of California.

Funeral services, which will be held Sunday afternoon at 2:30 oclock from the home, will be private, only relatives and immediate friends attendings. Please omit flowers. The Pritchard Undertaking Co. has charge of arrangements.

About Charles William

On Mar 8 1881, Charles attended his father’s [Charles William Harrison Pickering] funeral in England. According to his father’s Last Will and Testament, Charles inherited a place called “Neosho Farm”, plus “one ninth” of his father’s estate. Neosho Farm was most likely located near the Neosho River. The river headwaters were in Morris County, KS (just South of Junction City) and flowed Southeast toward the Arkansas River. Geneva was a town founded in 1857 (free state) in Allen County, KS and it was located on the Neosho River. (See 1880 Census below). [description of farm: Jim and Corene Wilson]

Heirs of Charles William’s Estate, According to the Disposition of the estate of F.V. Pickering [1859-1932] Charles Eugene PickeringHarold Pickering, and Fred Pickering (sons), Maud Hunt, and Martha Ethel Pickering (daughters).

Charles married Mary E. Dicarson “Betty” after Bell died. She was a midwife and had a daughter (also Mary E.) who was known to the family as “Jenny.” All TEN of his children were with Bell. That included four (Ralph, Paulena, Herbert, and Edward) who died when they were young children. Harold died when he was hit by a train. The family never saw much of him and he had an alias of “Tom Collins.”


1841 – Liverpool, Eng (born)
1861 – 
Sailed from Liverpool on the Denbigh
1866 – married Clara Isabella White (age 25)
1868 – 1872 birth of 4 Children
1880 – 
Census: Geneva, Allen, KS – Occupation: Farmer (Neosho Farm?)
– Emigrated to America (naturalized citizen)
1881 – return to England for Father’s funeral (age 40)
 – moved to Geary Co., Kansas (re: obit) (age 43)
1885 – lived Davis Co., Kansas – Occupation: Teamster
1985 – 1893 birth of 6 children in Junction City, KIS
1893 – Age 52 at birth of last child
1895 – 
lived Junction City, KS (age 53)
1898 – 
Wife, Clara Isabella White Pickering died
1900 –
 Census: Junction City, Geary Co., KS, Occupation: Teamster (age 58)
1906 –
 Sailed: 30 Aug 1906 (age 64 and 10 mos) Arrived in New York aboard the Majestic
1908 – 
Sailed: 16 Feb 1908 (age 66) Arrived in New York aboard the Baltic
1910 –
 Census: Junction City, Geary Co., KS, Occupation: Contractor / Sand (age 68)
1920 – 
Census: Sheridan, Gordon, KS, widow (age 80) living with daughter Martha Ethel
1920 – 
Census: Daughter Martha E. Dowe, widow. Occupation: Proprietor / Picture Show
– Sailed: 25 Feb 1911 (age 70) Arrived in New York aboard the Lusitania
with his younger brother Alexander John
– died Junction City, KS (age 87)

Clara Isabella “Bell” White

Isabella (Bell) White was the daughter of James and Janet M. White, born April 1, 1852 in Illinois, and she was only 46 years old when she died and was buried in Highland Cemetery, Junction City KS on May 27 1898. She and Charles were married October 8, 1866 at the young age of 14.

Her locket was handed down through the family to Corene Wilson. Corene writes, “When she died, Grandfather scratched 1898 on the locket. It is not really visible in the picture but is clear on the locket. If you look really closely there is the “18” under the “P” of Pickering” and “98” on the other side under the ng.”


Family Photo Album

Charles Eugene and Rose Pickering
This photo was taken in the late 1940s when they visited Olive Williams (daughter of Maude Hunt) in Brighton, CO

Pickering Siblings

•  Martha “Dolly” Pickering
•  Charles Eugene Pickering
•  Maude Pickering Hunt
•  Fred Aljorel Pickering

This photo was taken in the early 1950’s in frnt of the Charles and Rose Pickering home in Chapman.

Charles Eugene Pickering 1868-1956
Corene Wilson’s Grandfather, father of Kathyrne Pickering Say. This picture was also taken in Colorado in the early 1950s. The original picture had him standing beside Bill Hunt, Maude’s son. They were visit the homestead near Bennett.

Marjorie Arlene Pickering Springer
[1916 – 1949], daughter of Charles Eugene and Rosa Ella Jones Pickering

Marjorie married Adelbert Springer and had three children:
• Dwayne Springer
• Bob springer
• Joyce Elaine Springer

Kathryne Elizabeth Pickering Say

Kathryne “Kay” is shown here with her granddaughter. She married Henry Edmund Say and they had three children:

• Deloris Ruby Say
• Carol Rose Say
• Corene Crissie Say

Freda Valencia Pickering Johnson
[1895 – 1940], daughter of Charles Eugene and Rosa Ella Jones Pickering

Marjorie married Bernard Johnson and had one child:
• Jean Elizabeth Johnson

Marie and Maude Hunt October 17, 1965

Isabella Maude Hunt was born October 24, 1873 and died in May of 1968. She married Harley Hunt in Junction City, KS, 22 Sept 1895. She always went by the name of “Maude”.

Marie was Maude’s daughter, born March 3, 1898 and died May 27, 1985 (never married). Corene Wilson writes, “We visited in Colorado with Maude and Marie several times, both on the homestead near Bennett after Marie moved to Brighton. Maude had six children – none of them still living”.


1880 Census – Geneva, Allen, Kansas
This census was taken when the family was living on Neosho Farm, KS which Charles inherited from his father after his father’s death in 1881, England.

Name Rel Age Birth Year Status Occupation Born
Charles W. Pickering Head 38 1841 Mar Farmer England
Isabelle Wife 29 1851 Mar Illinois
Charles E Pickering Son 12 1868 Student Iowa
Harold Pickering Son 8 1872 Student Illinois
Isabella M Pickering Dau 7 1873 California
Frank Dale Hired 21 Farm Larborer Illinois
Emma Dibble Hired 29 Domestic Servant Ohio

1881 Census – St Georges Mount, Birkenhead, [partial listing] at Father’s Funeral

Name Rel Age Birth Year Status Occupation Born
Charles W. Pickering son 6 mos 1842 Mar American Land Owner Liverpool

1885 Census – Kansas State Census Collection, Junction City, Davis Co.

Name Rel Age Birth Year Status Occupation Born
Charles W. Pickering Head 43 1842 Mar Teamster
Isabell Wife 36 1849
Charles E Son 16 1869
Harold Pickering Son 14 1871
Maude Pickering Dau 11 1874

1900 Census – Geary Co., Junction City, KS.

Name Rel Age Birth Year Status Occupation Born
Charles W. H. Pickering Head 58 1841 Mar Teamster England
Mary E Wife 36 Feb 1867 Mar Missouri
Martha E Pickeirng Dau 14 Feb 1886 Unm Kansas
Fred A(ljorel) Pickering Son 11 Mar 1889 Unm Kansas
Mary E Dicarson Step-Dau 16 Apr 1884 Unm Missouri

1905 Census – Geary Co., Junction City, KS.

Name Rel Age Birth Year Status Occupation Born
Charles W. H. Pickering Head 64 1841 Mar England
Mary E Wife 27 Mar
Mary E Dickarson Dau 21
Martha E Pickering Dau 19

The family of Charles William has graciously provided by Skip Pickering of Manhattan, KS and Corene and Jim Wilson of Athens, GA.