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JAMES PICKERING of Frodsham 1778-1894

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James Pickering

b: 08 Feb 1778, Bradley, Frodsham Parish
c: 21 Apr 1778, Frodsham Parish
d: 1795, Frodsham (age 18)

1795 – Peter’s Diary entry:

At this time 1795 my Brother James, was taken Ill, in consiquence of which Dr. Hulley of Frodsham was called in, to attending Brother; who however died one Sunday, and when Dieing, five hundred Hussors [ed. soldiers] passed over Frodsham Bridge, in front of our Hous, which at that time was such an unsual occurrence, that it appears to me now as if it took place a few days or months ago.


James was seven years old when his family built the Sutton Mill manufactory and home where he was raised. He died at age 18 at home in Sutton Mill.


Parish of Frodsham for 1778, records were researched by Connie Pickering Stover, Nov. 2012