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Frederica Valentina Pickeirng

b: 03 Aug 1858 Civil, Bonn, Rheinland, Prussia (Pruessen)
Lived 1891: With her mother, Elizabeth and a Hospital Nurse (sick),
……… Parlour Maid, Cook, and Housemaid
……… Pickering House, New Brighton, Liscard, Wallasey
d: 28 Jul 1932 Nursing Home, Cheadle, UK (age 74)
b: St. Hillary Churchyard, Wallasey, England

Never married

Excerpt from The Transatlantic Cable page

“The elder (Charles William Harrison) Pickering became director of the cable laying at the Liverpool end in 1857, and the cable works were installed at the Birkenhead Docks, not far from the Pickering home. The cable was laid in 1858 and the day the operator, St. John, sent the first message to the new world, Mr. (Henry Alfred) Pickering’s youngest sister was born. She was named Valencia after the island of Valencia where the cable leaves the continent.”

Cable marker Valencia (Valentia), Ireland

Frederica at Montebello, Liscard, New Brighton, England