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In 1851, at the age of 26, Alfred Henry lived at 177 The Cottage, Liscard, England with his parents William & Caroline Steffens Pickering, age 68, Merchant, born in Frodsham. The Cottage was located on St Georges Mount, Wallasey adjacent to Montebello

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Arthur (Alfred) Henry Pickering

(Alfred an additional spelling)
b: 23 May 1825, Everton Breck
c: 15 Jan 1829, Holy Trinity Church, Liverpool
o: 1851 Cotton Broker, Living at “The Cottage” (age 25)
d: May 1855 (age 30)

lived: Australia (?)

Liverpool Baptisms
Brothers Alfred Henry and James William Pickering were baptized on the same day at Holy Trinity Church, Liverpool. However, this was a mistake in the record and the correct name should be Arthur.