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Thelwall — It is possible that a family of Pickerings located in Charleston, S.C. were descended from the occupants of Thelwall Manor. “The Pickerings who were next in possession of the manor of Thelwall were of a very ancient descent in the county of Chester, and appear to have been from time immemorial landed properietors in that palatinate. In the reign of Queen Elizabeth they were settled at Walford in the parish of Runcorn which had long been the seat of their ancestors, and the names of members of the family for successive generations will be found in the early registers at Daresbury.” John Pickering, Esq., elder son and heir was born in 1645. He had a son, Danby of London, merchant who had children that settled in North America. One of them, Samuel Pickering, died a merchant in Charlestown, South Carolina in 1737