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1655 – JOHN PICKERING of Norley, Yeoman

John Pickering of Norley
Source: Frodsham Parish Records, Burials 1655

Died: 23 Sep 1655  |  Buried: Frodsham

Notes: According to this Will, John Pickering left no Pickering male heirs since no sons were mentioned. It looks like he might have had at least one son because he had a granddaughter named Mary Pickering but none had survived. Apparently he owned a house and Estate in Croton

Heirs and Executors for John of Norley

Brother: Thomas
Wife: Elizabeth
Daughter: Mary m. Thomas Robinson
Grand child: John Robinson
Grandchild: Margarett Robinson
Grandchild: Mary Pickering
Son in Law: Richard Browne
Grandchild: Anna Browne
Grandchild: Margarett Browne
Grandchild: Mary Browne
Nephew: John Pickering
Nephew: John Alcot
Executor: John Pickering of Gostich
Witness: William Pickering


Last Will & Testament

“In the name of God Amen upon the Sixteenth day of September in the yeare of our Lord God One thousand Six hundred ffiftye ffyve [16 Sep 1655]

John Pickeringe of Norley …. yeoman beinge Sick in body but in good and pfect memory…”
“… and that my body shalbee buryed att the pish church of ffrodsham ….”
“…. Mary Pickeringe my grandchilde ….”
“… Thomas Robinson my Sonne in Law if hee Take a Lease of his house
in Croton Estate my daughter Mary his wife …”
“…Joh Robinson and Margarett my grandchildren …”
“…my brother Thomas children either of them…”
“… Richard Browne my Sonne in Lawe all my husbandry ware…”
“…my brother Thomas Pickeringe two measures of barley”
“my Grandchildren John Robinson and Margarett Robinson…”
“…unto John Pickeringe and John Alcot my Nephewes…”
“Anna Browne Margarett Browne and Mary Browne daughters of the said Richard Browne…”
“…Mary Rutter daughter of Thomas Rutter of the Bath [Bark?] in Norley…”
“and Lastly I make and Ordayne my welbeloved and trusty friends
George Williamson of Crowton and John Pickeringe of Gostich my Executors”

He also gave to: William Hay, Hugh Hey, Bernard Heay, William Henbell, Richard Bancroft, Henry Grimsford, Lawrence Lachford, Katherin Latham, Thomas [famon], Margarett Bonner, Thomas Wooddyer, Thomas Leadbeather, Edward Earlsley, Richard Smedthers, Thomas Warton, Thomas Dalome, Edmond Woodward

The witnesses were: William Pickeringe, Marye Alcocke, John Gerrard “proved att London …”  “this Eighteenth day of December for the yeare of our Lord One thousand Six hundred ffifty ffyve By the Oath of John Pickeringe one of the Executors named in the said Will….”

Source: 1655  Will of John Pickeringe of Norley, Frodsham, Cheshire, England.  Public Record Office.  The National Archives, Catalogue Reference: Prob/11/246, Image Reference: 158.  Downloaded March 24, 2006 Friday 8:21 PM

Ref: Compiled by William Wallworth,