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Jonathan Pickering of Crowton, Yeoman [1669 – 1730]

Heirs of Jonathan Pickering, Yeoman of Crowton
Wife: Alice Barker
Brother-in-law: William Baker (older and younger)
Brother-in-law: John Baker

NOTE: I have a copy of the Will which has a clear seal on it but cannot be clearly seen on the copy I have.


Last Will & Testament

Jonathan Pickering of Crowton, yeoman – Will dated 10 Aug 1730 [I have a copy of this will]

“I bequeath to my loving brother (brother-in-law?), William Barker of Norley”…. “William Barker the younger, son of my brother … and to John Barker, his brother …. money to be raised by sale … and to my dear and loving wife, Alice Pickering … to James Pickering five shillings to buy him school books“ Signed with his initials and a seal

…. that betwixt Eight or nine of the Clock, or thereabouts, one Evening …. in four Days he is sure after ye last Frodsham Fair …… was on the tenth of August last, this deponent went to the House of William Barker the younger, in Norley, to be a witness ….. Will of Jonathan Pickering”.