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1811 — SAMUEL PICKERING of Sutton Mills

Heirs and Executors for Samuel Pickering of Sutton Mills (1766-1811)
Parents: John Pickering and Mary Harrison (their second child)

Wife: Alice Rigby Pickering Brother: Thomas Pickering
Runcorn, Corn Dealer
Business Partner: Samuel Chadwick of Sutton,
Corn Dealer
Brother-in-law: George Rigby
Brother-in-law: Thomas Rigby Jr Signed: William Hayes, Sr
Signed: William Hayes Jr Signed: Thomas Rigby

Last Will & Testament

In the Name of God Amen. I Samuel Pickering of Sutton Mills in the County Palatine of Chester Corn Dealer being of sound mind memory and understanding do make this my last Will and Testament in manner following

First, I recommend my soul to the ever blessed Trinity God the Father who made me God the son who redeemed me, and God the Holy Ghost who hath sanctified me with true faith and repentance, In this hope I desire to be buried in a desent manner at the discretion of my Executrix and Executors herein after named, And after my debts, funeral expenses and the charge of the probate of this my Will are satisfied and paid,

Then I give devise and bequeath unto my beloved Wife Alice [Rigby] Pickering, All my real and personal Estate I now hold jointly with my Brother Thomas Pickering of Runcorn in the said County Corn dealer,

Amoriety whereof belongeth to me, Also all my real or personal Estate I now hold jointly with Samuel Chadwick of Sutton aforesaid, Corn dealer, Amoriety whereof belongeth to me, together with all the rest residue and remainder of all my real and personal Estate of what nature or kind soever, for and during the time she continues to be and remain my Widow, but if she marries again, then my will is that she receive only out of my real and personal Estate an annual annuity of one hundred pounds for her natural life to be at her own disposal, and without any control of any future husband,

And after her death, I then give the same and every part thereof to my Sons and Daughers to be equally divided among them share and share alike,

And I do hereby impower my Executrix and Executors herein after named to alienate exchange sell or dispose of all or any part or parts of my Real Estate I now am or hereafter may be possessed of

And also with full power to dissolve either or both of my said partnership concerns, as they may see most proper during my childrens minorities for my wife and their advantages

And lastly I nominate constitute and appoint me said Wife Alice Pickering, and my Brother in law George Rigby and Thomas Rigby Junior, Executrix and Executors of this my Will

In witness whereof I have put my hand and seal this twenty third day of May in the year of our Lord Christ One thousand eight hundred and eleven (1811)

(Signed) William Hayes Senior and William Hayes Jr., and Thomas Rigby

The 26 Day of September 1811

Alice Pickering widow, George Rigby and Thomas Rigby, Jr. the Executrix and Executors in this Will named were sworn in common form and they further made oath that the whole of the personal Estate and Effects belonging to the Testator at the time of his death within the Diocese of Chester did not amount to the sum of three thousand five hundred pounds.