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1570 Sept 10 — HUGH PICKERING of Warkworth

Heirs and Executors for Hugh of Warkworth (d.1570)

Wife: Alice
Son: George
Son: John
Son: Thomas
Son: Richard
Dau: Ellen Highfeld
Dau: Anne
Dau: Margaret
Dau: Alice
Dau: Elizabeth

Last Will & Testament

I desire to be buried in the churchyard of Great Budworth [Cheshire], to which I give 2s. I give the house I live in, with the lands, &c. which I hold of Her Majesty, to Alice my wife for life, according to a former surrender. To Hugh Cocker, the house he dwells in, with the yards, &c., for 10 years, if he shall so long live, he paying such rent for the same as Rich. Eaton, of Sandyway, and Robt. Pemberton think reasonable.

To my son George, Cocker’s house, after the 10 years, for life, on rent of 4s. to Her Majesty, and so to be enrolled at Halton.

I desire Mr. Booth to stand a friend to Alice my wife and my son John, with regard to the ground which I hold of him. I give the meadow which I bought of Peter Starky to my daughter Anne, and her issue, and for default of such, to her husband for life; remainder to my son John. I give the profit upon Cocker’s house to my four (sic) children, George, Margaret, Alice, Elizabeth, and Anne, if need require, for eight years, to be used as Rich. Eaton, and John his son, Robt. Pemberton, and Thomas his son think fit, keeping the goods together, accounting yearly for them to my children, unless any come to preferment, and stand in no need thereof; remainder to my sons George and John, reserving 26s. 8cZ. to my wife Alice, and 40*. more than the others to my youngest daughter Elizabeth.

My son John is to pay five marks to his brothers Thomas and Richard nine years after my decease, and if Richard stand in need of money to obtain learning, he shall have 33s. 4d. out of the proceeds of Cocker’s ground, and half of the said five marks assigned to him shall be distributed amongst George, Margaret, Alice, and Elizabeth at the end of nine years. My goods shall be divided into three equal parte, one for myself, one for my wife, arid the other for my unmarried children ; and I being honestly brought home [buried] of my part, the rest shall be equally divided amongst my unmarried children, but my daughter Ellen Highfeld shall have one of my best heifers being in calf.

Concerning the 3i. which I am wrongfully sued for, I declare on conscience that Alice Millington, of Knuttesford, put a folded paper into my hands privily, to the intent that I should give the same to her son, John Highfeld, which I did, not knowing what was in it, as is now confessed by the said John. And I appoint Alice my wife and John my son my executrix and executor, and Peter and Thomas Pickering supervisors. Christopher Fox owes me 12s. for wood, due next Michaelmas.

Codicil. — My son John is to have my house on my wife’s death, with remainder to his brothers, and should she die within four years, to maintain his brother Richard four years more. [1£ sheets, copy.] Endorsed is a list of 13 names, commencing with Henry Earl of Derby.