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of Aston by Sutton

Heirs and Executors

Father: John Pickering of Gorstage, d: 1687
Brother: Joseph Pickering
Nephew: John Pickering of Namphwich (Nantwich)
Sister:  Anne Weston of Kingsley
Brother: Barnard Pickering (m: Sarah Nixon)
Brother: William Pickering
Brother: Joseph Pickering



Last Will & Testament

“…in the year of our Lord god one thousand seven hundred & eleven, I Samuel Pickering of Aston …. Taylor being at present but weak of body But of good & perfect memory ….”

“I give and Bequeath my propriety of ye halfe estate I purchased from Thomas Mannering in great Buddeth (Great Budworth) Town to my Brother Joseph Pickering

“to John Pickering of Namphwich (Nantwich), my Brother’s son”

“to the children of Anne Weston of Kingsley … if she dies without ishue to her brother John Pickering

“I give & Bequeath the Rest of my personall estate, one third part to my Brother Barnard Pickering, but if he dies with out children to be equally dived Amongst the children of my Brother Williams & Josephs, & a third part to my Brother William Pickering, & another third part to my Brother Joseph Pickering ….”

“I nominate & Appoint my Brother Joseph Pickering & John Yockson of Prenton to be Executors”


1687 Samuel was mentioned in the Will of his father John of Gorstage dated March 19, 1687.

1687 – From the Will if Thomas Breck of Runcorn, August 13, 1687, Samuel Pickering was one of the witnesses of the signing of the Will. Samuel’s signature is on the document. He also participated in the inventory of Thomas Breck’s goods and chattels, which was done on September 15, 1687.

1698 From the Cheshire Marriage Act Book entry dated May 16, 1698 for the marriage of William Pickering and Mary Blackamore, Samuel Pickering is mentioned as a Taylor of Halton. Halton is in Runcorn parish, Cheshire.

1710 From the Cheshire Marriage Bonds & Licences entry dated August 22, 1710 for the marriage of Bernard Pickering and Sarah Nixon, Samuel Pickering is mentioned as a yeoman of Runcorn, Cheshire.

1711 Samuel died between 13 Jun 1711 when his Will was written and signed and 3 Apr 1712 when one of the executors, John Yockson, was sworn in. Probate was issued 17 April 1712.

Apparently Samuel Pickering did not have any children when he died. If he was married, the wife was deceased before the Will was made. In studying the people who received legacies from Samuel, most of them are found to be the seven daughters and one son of the Thomas Breck who died in Runcorn in 1687.

It is possible that Thomas Breck or his wife, Anne Cooper was related to the Pickerings since Samuel Pickering was one of the witnesses to Thomas Breck’s Will in 1687 and then 25 years later Samuel, in his own Will, gives legacies to the grandchildren of that family.

It is not know if there is a relationship between Samuel Pickering and Ellenor, wife of Peter Cook, of Northwich or Anne wife of Thomas Burges of Weston. But it is known that there was a Peter and Eleanor Cook that were Quakers and that they went to Pennsylvania in 1712.